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Ditto, there is a certain subset that feels unsafe in the city (like the cop that did an AMA on Reddit about how he doesn't feel safe on 3rd avenue without his gun) despite its relative safety. Some of these people, like the aformentioned cop, are a danger to those around them due to this mindset.

As a kid I caught busses every day on 3rd Ave without a problem, and yes, the same open drug dealing still happens at 3rd & Pine (by the crackDonalds), but that has been going on since before I moved here in 2003. When I transfer there now, not much has changed in terms of the people you'll see.

The level of danger hasn't changed, but the homelessness crisis has worsened and become much more visible as we fenced off the underside of bridges, replaced parking in the inner suburbs with bike lanes (in large part to push the van dwellers out) and rent has increased. We have an opioid crisis that is going untreated, high rents and few middle income jobs.

Our society is stratifying badly between the 90% that is getting poorer every year (and feels no hope) and the 10% that are able to afford rent in prime cities.

I'm sorry, but if you feel safe around places like 3rd and Pine you are being ignorant and I think you are minimizing in bad faith the danger that exists in these places. See this: https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/5-people-shot-2-ser...

Indiscriminately firing a gun into a crowd of people seems like something that a reasonable person should be wary of.

As a long-time Seattle resident, I feel perfectly safe on 3rd and Pine. Not everyone is as uncomfortable with folks living on the street as you - time to get out and listen to others' opinions rather than assuming bad faith.

Your sole citation is a single shooting from three years ago.

Where did I imply I was uncomfortable with homeless people? I am uncomfortable with high profile violent crime. I provided more examples of this below.

Oh come on, local news sensationalizes crimes like that to drive fear which drives views. If you look at it rationally, crime is at a historic low compared to the 80s and 90s.


What are the actual odds of actually being involved in an incident like that, compared to being killed in a car accident while commuting to work every day?

So the argument is being made that this particular place should not make people feel unsafe. I think a proper car accident analogy would be to compare one intersection to 3rd and pine, instead of the entire commute. If one intersection had as many car crashes as 3rd and pine had violent crimes, would you feel unsafe driving through that intersection, and maybe drive another way home?

More examples: https://komonews.com/news/local/hatchet-attack-on-3rd-and-pi... https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/kiro-7-investigation-pike-p... https://spdblotter.seattle.gov/2018/05/15/detectives-investi... https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/crime/police-inrea...

Those are all anecdotes.

The City of Seattle publishes actual geolocated statistics. Feel free to rummage around those and make a real case.

Check this: https://www.kiro7.com/news/where-are-seattles-most-dangerous...

The block on 3rd between Pike and Pine is the second most dangerous on KIRO's compiled list when looking at violent crime in Seattle according to those statistics. It looks like this data is from 2010-2013.

I also can't find geolocated statistics - the best data I can see is at the beat level here: https://data.seattle.gov/Public-Safety/Crime-Data/4fs7-3vj5 You sound like you know more about this than I, can you point me in the right direction?

Oh hey, your data is from back when I was going through 3rd & Pike/Pine daily. I never felt threatened or particularly in danger in that area, nor did my teachers (who also transited those blocks for their bus/rail connections) or classmates feel unsafe in those two blocks during that period.

FYI there is a live crime map, along with an interface to search older reports if you wander around seattle.gov

It's possible there is something the data is missing, like like the time of the crimes committed. I'm not invested enough to make a point by creating multiple queries against the available data sets. You and the other posters in this comment chain have provided anecdotal evidence that the area felt safe for you, but the data I'm seeing and anecdotes I've heard from friends tell me that it isn't safe.

The live map only shows the last 24 hours, and links to the data I provided above for anything older than 24 hours. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place for data which has more specificity in the location tied to it.

I live a block away from 3rd and am amazed anytime people think it's that bad - I legit walk my dogs there every night from 11 - 3AM. It just feels like a neutered version of any other city, the police presence there is always intense due to the tourists at Pike Place.

Pioneer Square, however... whole different story.

If anything, Seattle cleans up during the night. Its safer to walk and wander around at night as compared to the daytime.

Someone literally just got shot there today


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