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Their keyword is unwelcomed behavior, there was no mention of identity. Unless you're behavior is out of control, this doesn't apply.

For many, just being transgendered and not attempting to pass as cisgendered is unwelcomed behavior.

I think the issue is the choice of word 'unwelcomed'. Aggressive may be better in capturing (what I assume is) the author's intent, but I would still find it a bit lacking. Some homeless behavior isn't aggressive but is unpleasant enough to cause people to make changes to avoid it. How do you describe such behavior without also describing behavior that a different group may choose to avoid that they really shouldn't be avoiding?

Maybe we can define it as aggressive or unsanitary. Not perfect, but it is the closest I can get without shooting over the intent.

However we have to define it so that it can be an issue we can actually address.

Who gets to define "out of control behavior"? Mostly people who aren't transgender women. It's not like it's unprecedented for being transgender to be criminalized under the pretense of not "burdening public life of others", or that it's "unwelcome and unsocial behavior". This isn't even your typical "slippery slope" argument, this is a slippery slope that we've already slipped down and that we're still trying to climb back up.

My identity remains unwelcomed behavior, and though the focus on my identity is entirely predictable, it is included to highlight my experiences as an unwelcomed member of society not as my experience as a trans woman.

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