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Music festivals, baseball games and college? Not everyone can afford baseball games and music festivals. That isn't the typical drunk arrest. Those are the polite cops. Back when I did this stuff I dealt with clients attested under bridges, while at work, on their porches, even in their own bedrooms. Permission to 'lock up drunks' is an open door for every police corruption and bias.

So you’re saying we shouldn’t charge people for drug possession or drug use? There’s going to be drug use in the streets and the nasty secondary stuff like needles or human waste.

Or have certain areas where police don’t arrest people like the wire? I think we will have homeless camps we can’t get rid of.

If you’re going to decriminalize something you need to provide services or incentives to get people to stop using drugs.

If you’re shooting up on your porch, outside, at work in your car, someone where in public it should be a crime. The drug shouldn’t be illegal but the act should be illegal in public.

No, I said nothing about not arresting anyone. I am saying that we cannot pretend that cops will quietly and politely lock up drunk people for the night while they sober up. Arrest and detention is not as portrayed in countless sitcoms.

But I would say that cops should not be arresting people simply for being drunk in their own homes, or in the very businesses that intoxicated them. Arrest people who are violent, not simply anyone who is drunk.

If folks are breaking the law put them in jail. If the law is unjust, fix it. If they are being mistreated there, fix that problem too. Avoiding the cause, symptoms, and solutions are not how problems are solved.

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