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That's the downside of boys crying wolf... when the actual wolf comes we don't listen.

Except nobody was crying wolf. If we took the problem seriously back then, we wouldn't be fucked now. The reality is that we're living through a mass extinction driven by climate change. Over 60% of animals have gone extinct since the 70s.

The fact that people are looking at the world today and asking where's the problem is beyond belief.

It's not beyond belief; it's that it's happening so slowly that it's not perceived by the common person. And the "crying wolf" that people upthread were referring to was the "this will be irreversible in N years" specifically, not the broader threat of climate change generally.

"Over 60% of animals have gone extinct since the 70s" Citations?

Might be referring to this [1], but it concludes population sizes have gone down 60%, which doesn't sound good either, but is still a different story.

[1] https://www.wwf.org.uk/updates/living-planet-report-2018

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