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i started lifting at the age of 30. starting age is not that much of a factor (i.e. now, at 37, my lifting numbers partially exceed those of OP at 10kg less bodyweight). it does limit the performance ceiling you'll be able to reach, but this is probably a lot further than you'll be willing to go anyway. which isn't even completely true; there are winners in the olympic weightlifting masters division who didn't start lifting until late in life.

the biggest difference is, most likely, the amount of time you'll be able to spend in the gym and it might take you a little longer to get started properly as you'll probably have limiting deficiencies in mobility at first. but this is still negligible; one or two months really don't matter much if you plan to lift for the rest of your life. only being able to lift twice a week will still do wonders for your health, looks and wellbeing.

i can get in shape quickly now, but at first it took me 12+ months to get the technique down and it would have taken me 12+ months if i had started at 18 (which is not entirely accurate - there is not specific point where you'll finally "got it").

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