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> Luckily

...nope, I'm one of those humans miss-programmed to secrete dopamine and endorphines when slumping in a chair coding and eating chips, and to feel depressed to death when doing physical effort. For those other 99% of humans programmed with the normal response to physical effort that you describe: you don't know how lucky you are! (Anyhow, will carry on, ugly body + diabetes + heart-attack and/or stroke at 50 still sounds a bit worse than working out a bit feels :P ...still on the look for some pharmaceutical "cheat codes" though, there's gotta be some 0-days in the human body/mind that we can hack to get to avoid that work, though maybe risk/benefit might not be worth it here)

Has an actual doctor diagnosed your condition? I think this qualifies as something worthy of one of those "a case report" publications.

Yes, I do intend to challenge your position, but I mean no offense. Maybe the problem is not slumping nor coding, but the chips. The first step to fixing health, be it physical or mental, is fixing one's diet.

In their defense, they never claimed a diagnosed condition, only subjective discomfort. And when you live to eat chips on the couch playing games, movement DOES feel crap and good food DOES feel crap and it takes a long while to retrain your body for the new endorphins instead of the old ones.

Damn, that sucks. :/ I only feel horrible for the first few weeks of regular exercise before I start getting that "workout buzz" instead of the "workout kill-me-now".

Are you diagnosed with a condition? If not, it sounds like your problem is psychological.

What sports/efforts have you tried?

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