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It took 10 minutes after someone predicted incoming "what about this thing in coutry X" comments, but here one is pretty much on cue.

There were hundreds of articles all over the world covering the protests in France, much of it sympathetic to the protester's cause. You must know this, how did you find out about them if not from media coverage?

>no one in my country and other European countries pretested when extradictions acts were signed with USA

That is entirely and very obviously false. There were even public protests, and plenty of articles in the media objecting to the extradition of Julian Assange very recently. In fact in Europe it is not possible to extradite a person to the USA who might face the death penalty, and there are considerable concerns about the treatment of prisoners in the USA, so your specific call out of that issue shows this absolutely is a legitimate point for public concern and protest.

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