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This interests me too; just this weekend I tried to set up a matrix homeserver with matrixsms, puppet-hangouts and puppet-facebook integration and I got no single integration working. I did try to get it working in docker containers, but still.. I would be very grateful to learn if anyone has a recent, detailed write-up! (I also planned to integrate with Skype and WhatsApp, but didn't get that far)

For selfhosting with lots of bridges, the best bet is https://github.com/spantaleev/matrix-docker-ansible-deploy. Is this what you tried?

huh, i've never seen that for, and we don't link to it from matrix.org. how did you find it, ooi?

I think I just googled `docker matrix-puppet-hangouts` (seems to be second link in my results), but I googled a lot of stuff :)

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