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I like this idea, except for the fact that the extra parametrer pollutes the method signature and method calls, for something that really should only be a compile-time directive.

I'm actually curious why something like this has never been included as a language feature, it seems trivial to come up with a syntax for fine-grained access control, that is fully backwards-compatible and a true zero-cost abstraction.

Most obvious first shot:

  class A
      void badgedFunction() const friend Device, SomeOtherClass;
Did you ever check with the C++ working group if there are any proposals for language extensions for this purpose?

Yeah, polluting the signatures is a shame.

I've only just decided that I enjoy using this pattern so my internal standards committee hadn't progressed to the proposal stage yet. :)

Your syntax makes perfect sense to me, and I think it would make a great addition to the language. I wonder what the real working group would say. (I tried quickly googling for something that might sound like an existing proposal but came up empty.)

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