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I'm also not associated with Pingcap.

> You raised the exact same issue 2 years ago on NH, that issue got fully addressed by both PingCap's core team member and other NH users.

Not only was it fully addressed, but it was fully addressed in a polite manner which makes the OP's comment even more bizarre. I've evaluated Pingcap stuff before in the past and I've seen them posting on HN quite a few times as well. I don't think I've ever seen an instance of them being rude. In fact, their comments are usually quite informative and helpful.

Briefly looking into closed TiDB issues, I also see no instances of rudeness or issues being closed without comment.

OP, what is your motive for defaming Pingcap?

Some comments [1]:

"@winkmichael Thanks for your feedback! Could you send me the log of tidb-server?"

"The sets statements missing a , should be /! instead of /!."

"@winkmichael Sorry, I misunderstood your issue because the * is eaten by Markdown format. I clicked edit button, then got the original text.

The error message line 6 is the line of a single statement, not the file. So the statement that failed to parse is not included, probably it's the CREATE TABLE statement.

Do you still have that dump file?"

"@winkmichael we haven't heard anything from you on this issue in a long time, and we're unable to reproduce it without some more information, so I'm going to close it now. If you run into anything like this again, please open up a new issue and we'll be happy to take a look!"

[1] https://github.com/pingcap/tidb/issues/2742

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