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[dupe] A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics (pimbook.org)
36 points by lolptdr 14 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

This looks on the surface like exactly the book I need but a quick look at the amazon reviews shows some flaws, no answers to the exercises seems a bit annoying. I’d also really like an eBook that is formatted rather than a PDF because I read on a phone.

Saying that, I really would like to be better at math so might end up trying anyway.

"This is the ebook edition, a full-color pdf containing the complete contents of the book (the physical book is black and white). Due to the heavy use of mathematical typesetting, there is no plan for a ebook-reader-specific format (mobi, epub). This ebook is a simple pdf download."


That used to annoy me too but Foxit PDF reader app makes it far more pleasurable an experience. It's not like flipping a page but it's as good as reading a PDF on desktop.

Anybody give this a quick skim and can offer any insight?

Personally I found it quite useful, although I was already familiar with several topics, it was interesting to read the author's perspective. Answers to exercises would be great, but even without them I found the content satisfying and useful enough.

Look interesting!

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