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Bowling went through a similar decline.

Societal forces, worth of underlying real estate, etc.

We need something similar, else we risk further erosion of social fabric.

If country clubs ever contributed positively to social fabric they have hidden this phenomenon very well.

> Leisure for today’s younger adults more often involves streaming TV shows in a high-rent city bedroom, not playing 18 holes on a suburban green.

Not sure that's better.

It sure as hell ain't worse.

Anyway, the "high rent" bit makes me reject it wholesale. This was targeted at yuppies, not the people excluded from country clubs. Who gives a shit about yuppies (including us all): they can buy whatever they need.

The worst thing about them is all the C-types talk to each other and compare and then come back and say, why aren’t we using solution X? So and so is using it at their co and they’re doing well!

Literally the worst

They brought us "CaddyShack".

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