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Matrix has been on my to-do list for some time - I'm interested in exploring it as a replacement for team Slack.

As a side-note, I think the copy on the Matrix website could use some love - it's a little wordy and not immediately clear what Matrix is, and why/how you would use it. I've read a few other commenters make the same point.

Are you open to some suggested wording? If so, how would you prefer to receive it?

So we just reworded some of the site, but agreed it needs more love. We're (hopefully) much better at writing communication protocols than describing them to a broad audience.

Proposals for changes are very welcome (although we can't guarantee we'll accept them verbatim); the new site lives at https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix.org. PRs welcome.

Great. If I have any suggestions once I've actually had a chance to take it for a spin, I'll make sure to submit it for consideration via Github.

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