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Show HN: Practical Networked Applications in Rust
2 points by brson 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite
Hi HackerNews.

I know you love Rust :)

This training course, Practical Networked Applications in Rust, is an attempt to fill a gap in Rust's documentation, that is, how to use Rust to build real-world software. It's in an early and incomplete state still, but I've publicly announced it in the Rust community, so I thought I would put it out here as well and see what happens.

I'm interested to hear feedback of any kind. Besides individual mentoring and blog posts, I don't have any background as an educator, so any thoughts about how learnable this looks and what to do to make it moreso are also hugely appreciated.

There are more details about what it is and where it is going on the Rust users forum:


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