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That's a "cold launch" in ICBM terminology. It was popular during the 1980s - the U.S. Peacekeeper MX and Soviet SS-18 (among others) used it, as did Soviet VLS tubes and every SLBM.

There is a nice SS-18/Dnepr launch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwvNuZLASdE

The sequence goes like this: - the missile is ejected from the silo by mortar system, that generates a huge amount of gasses under the missile to push it out, acting on a piston part located right under the missile - the missile jumps out of the silo and the piston is ejected sideways via a small solid rocket motor - some wiring harnesses and what looks like guide wheels is ejected from the missile - the first stage engines of the missile (in this case liquid & hypergolic) are ignited and the missile starts to climb

This technique keeps the silo pretty much intact, which is nice for an ICBM acting as a space launch vehicle. Also IIRC for war use, it was theoretically possible to reload the silo and fire another missile before a retaliatory strike could destroy it, causing all kinds of havoc in cold war scenario planning.

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