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I hope they also can fix the Your Phone app also working with iOS, not just Android.

That is more of a platform limitation from my understanding, sort of like complaining that the x button to close the window is not on the left in this app.

Not just a platform limitation; an intentional one. The API surface that Your Phone takes advantage of on Android, has no equivalent on iOS, because those particular APIs would essentially be used by 1. sync frameworks like Your Phone; 2. spyware; and nothing else. (That's what happens on Android!) And, in Apple's opinion, allowing #1 isn't really worth allowing #2.

Intentional or not, it is just a platform limitation. If Apple really cared, it isn't impossible to have user verify what an app is requesting should be granted. Infact, Apple caught up with Android on having App permissions.

Google's implementation isn't perfect, but they're not the role model for privacy anyway.

What is the Your Phone app?

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