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I remember some years ago (2012?) we looked into using Macs instead of Windows machines and back then the Macs (Macbook and Mac Mini) were quite competitive price wise when you compared specs. I can accept some premium since the hardware is better quality but recently they seem to have jacked up prices a lot. The machines were also very practical with the connectors and upgrades they offered. This also seems to have gone away

Has anybody else observed this and when did the trend start?

Even until fairly recently many Mac models were price competitive with other premium models right at release. The problem was/is that Apple does not lower prices on a model over time, and the more recent problem where Apple let models languish for a long period of time.

Apple points to Intel and says they haven't released many huge changes in awhile, and that is true but Apple should have been lowering prices over time.

Apple probably thinks they have most users covered. Since the cheese grater, there has been a huge shift to laptops. If a user really wants a desktop there is the mini, iMac, iMacPro, and now MacPro. The MP is so far out in the pro realm though that Apple may have inadvertently opened a gap in their lineup between the iMacPro and MP. If they do something to fill that gap remains to be seen.

In that gap you have a well-specced MBP. With USB-C/TB3, laptop expandability has basically been solved, and Apple makes more money if it can crank out more MBP bodies (parts that are already built in much higher volumes than a desktop will ever be, hence costing less). So they were very careful to only chisel outside of MBP price ranges.

IMacs are nice-looking terminals and playback-media stations, that’s your entry-level. If you want real power, you get a MBP. Only if you want huge power that the MBP really cannot deliver, you get a MP.

October 5, 2011

Thank you. I like precise answers!

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