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> If your favorite car company releases a nice premium product are they also "pissing on you"?

If Toyota re-releases the Corolla as a 60K car, then yes.

Apple is not "diversifying" their product. They are straight pushing it upmarket leaving current Mac Pro customers, the ones paying until today $3000 for a trash can Apple swore was the future, out in the cold.

Who believes what Apple says? Most things Apple says are completely bullshit.

From the Mac Pro trash can product page(norwegian): "Enough performance to realize all your biggest ideas"

"You will never want more speed"

And let's not forget why Apple is sticking to 3.5" screens. It is the perfect size, and that's why Apple won't make phones bigger. It's definetly not because Apple is lagging behind. Oh, wait...

Never belive Apple's marketing. It's misleading and often false.

I'm not saying you should believe Apple. What I'm saying is that it is completely fair to criticize them based on what they say and do.

Apple promised a Mac Pro replacement for pro customers but delivered a new Mac Pro only for the high end of those customers. That is why they are being criticized.

The old Mac Pro wasn't exactly pro, no matter how much Apple says it is.

The new Mac Pro is an actual pro product, at least the higher specced ones. So they did make a replacement.

Is Apple terrible at naming? Yes. Do they throw Pro into the product name for no reason? Yes. Is it better this way? Who knows. They still have the MacBook "pro".

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