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Not sure how much overall effect it will have, but Windows also recently released an update to perform better with Zen, and these benchmarks don't include that update. I'm not sure what the story was with CPU vulnerability mitigations were, but if those were turned off then Zen 2 could handily be beating Intel.

It certainly looks promising, but I'll still hold my excitement until we get some 3rd party benchmarks.

I believe the update is to optimize where threads are scheduled across CCXs. shouldn't affect a single threaded benchmark.

I'm also skeptical of first party benchmarks, but I'm already pretty excited that I finally might be able to justify an upgrade from my old haswell setup.

IIRC, the benchmarks also don't include the spectre/meltdown patches for Intel. AMD, apparently, worked very hard to give a worst-case comparison for the most part.

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