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Manufacturing in China uses large numbers of human beings because labor is cheap there. Manufacturing in the USA strives to use minimal human involvement through automation because of the high cost of labor there. Companies moving production of goods back to the United States will not necessarily add a significant amount of jobs.

No but the jobs created will be American, feed american families, and those job skills can be transferred to create other American businesses.

I'm so glad I did not choose mechanical engineering as a college major, and instead opted for Computer Sciences. I wasn't around during the 70s and 80s but it appears the jobs in the engineering field has dried up.

Programming appears to be the only field that has resisted globalization, and even then there is still massive offshoring.

You left something out of your calculation:

When industrial production comes back to the US, the price of consumer goods will rise. Consumers will not be able to afford as much at those higher prices, so some American businesses will lose customers. People will be laid off in other sectors of the economy because of the reduced demand.

Overall, your plan would just shift jobs from other sectors of the economy into manufacturing. The average American would be able to afford less, not more. In other words, Americans would likely be poorer as a result of this policy.

There isn't some magic rule that restricting imports leads to greater prosperity. There are costs to restricting imports, and in general, those costs outweigh the benefits (especially for developed countries).

No, the jobs in engineering field has not dried up. I wish people did some research before spewing up lies. "But every engineering occupation has added jobs, the most coming among mechanical engineers." - https://www.forbes.com/sites/emsi/2014/09/12/the-most-in-dem...

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