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Now... when will AMD fix power consumption on their video cards as well?

Funny about those downvotes.

AMD can deliver 8C/16T in 65 W but their GPUs need 50%+ more power than nvidia's for the same performance (up to 100% more at the 1080 lower end). You're saying I'm not right and they don't have a problem?

At this same event they also announced their 1st gen RDNA GPUs, called Navi. Also releasing to retail on July 7th. They supposedly go quite some way to reducing the gulf in GPU power usage/performance.

Going by their E3 presentation of the 5700 and 5700 XT last night they haven't done enough to curb power use, but only testing will tell once we have these cards in hand.

Agreed... I'm a bit torn on this, since they've done a lot for Linux support, may go 5700XT or Radeon VII to pair with 3950X

Not really. They have finally managed to reach Pascal-level perf/watt... on 7nm, competing against 16nm NVIDIA chips. It's more or less a GTX 1080 competitor as far as performance and perf/watt is concerned. So, roughly 3 years and a node's worth of uarch disadvantage behind NVIDIA.

It's a repeat of Vega, where AMD finally managed to reach Maxwell-level perf/watt... on 14nm, competing against 28nm NVIDIA chips. Once again they are years late and too expensive to boot.

They've managed to close the gap to Turing a little bit (because NVIDIA is still on a 16+ node rather than 7nm) but it's going to be a bloodbath when NVIDIA ports down to 7nm next year.

Price is the great equalizer, but once again AMD is choosing to price head-to-head with NVIDIA. Racing onto 7nm was not a cheap move for them.

They're also getting some breathing room because the GTX 2xxx series cards have been something of a disappointment. That could vanish quickly once the 3xxx series cards are announced.

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