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Rumors claimed there would be a 3700 that was 8c/16 64 watts and only slightly slower clocked than the 3700x. It was also supposedly $200 or so (the 3700x is $329).

Here's hoping it comes out, looks like a great CPU for a relatively cheap desktop.

If the 3700x is $329 I would bet on the 3700 being around $250, at least at launch. ~$80 cheaper is how they currently have it priced, 200$ for a slightly lower clockspeed seems too cheap, and it'd cut into their 3600(X) range.

But if you look at the launch price 2700 was $300 and 2700X was $330. I think the difference is so small that it drives people who don't want to manually overclock buy the X version to skip the hassle.

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