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klarx | Senior Ruby Developer, IT Team Lead Backend, Backend Developers, Product Data Manager, Product Owner| Munich, GERMANY | ONSITE


At klarx, we are building the future of the digital construction sector! As the leading online rental platform for construction equipment, we revolutionize the letting of construction machines. Through us, the rental process becomes easier, faster and more cost-efficient. Customers like Deutsche Bahn and Strabag are already working with our digital solution throughout Germany in order to successfully master complex construction projects. Apply now if you want to lead a promising industry into a new, digital age.

Joining klarx now will give you the possibility to impact and help with the transition to revolutionize our stack to a more modern one. We are always open to different technologies. As of now we are using Elixir to handle blazing fast time sensible requests, ElasticSearch for instant search results, React for snappy user experience and Rails to implement our business logic. And the list is going to get bigger and bigger as we try to make our solution more reliable, smart and automated. In our development team we try to apply the best of the agile methodology and improve our development cycle with continuous integration.

As we use mainly Ruby on rails for our platform development we are looking for candidates which have a profound experience with Rails. If you are interested in joining us please contact our HR department via jobs@klarx.com.

You can also find this and our other open challenges here:


VISA Support: YES

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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