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Given their commitment to privacy as a selling point, it would be nice if Apple provided an integrated VPN service (say included with the upper iCloud tiers). For now I’m on the waitlist for Cloudflare’s offering - their DNS works fantastic.

VPN's are not a privacy panacea. Hiding your internet traffic from e.g. your ISP comes at the cost of divulging it to the VPN provider. Apple has been very clear that they don't want to be in a position where they would have to turn over sensitive information about their users to authorities, a position they can avoid by not providing such a service.

I doubt if Apple would start a VPN service. Even if it did, it’d have restrictions, like not allowing the user to break out of their geography since that could allow users to violate policies of content sellers on Apple’s store and also any geographical content segregation that Apple may do for its own shows and movies in the future.

I’d use it but it prevents me using a Pihole (via VPN). The Pihole points at Cloudflare though, so they get me either way.

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