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They're not just adding more cores on because the processes have improved allowing for more on the same silicon.

The complexity of the chip is higher than the previous models, with three dies under the hood instead of one. The high end chips are closer to Threadripper than they are to the models they're replacing.

I think $750 is still a ridiculously good price, and Intel's feet are being held to the fire.

The 1950X cost $1000 2 years ago, and it looks like you can pick them up for $500 now. Both are 16 cores with two chiplets.

1950X advantages:

  - 4 memory channels vs 2
  - 64 PCIe lanes vs 16-4-4
3950X advantages:

  - 64MB of L3 cache vs 32MB
  - DDR4 3200 vs DDR4 2666
  - The PCIe lanes are 4.0 vs 3.0
  - 3.5Ghz base clock vs 3.4
  - 4.7Ghz boost clock vs 4.0
  - 15% better instructions per clock
  - Full avx2 instead of emulating with two 128-bit units
  - 105W vs 180W TDP
The 3950X sounds like quite the improvement! Definitely a great deal IMO.

The biggest difference between the 2 imo is that TR4 boards have 8 DIMM slots whereas Ryzen maxes out at 4 even with X570 afaik.

Ryzen 3000 specs say it can support 128GB of ram but it’s hard to find 32GB DIMMs on the market.

So if you’re trying to build a workstation with lots of ram and more than one GPU, the Ryzen boards are too limited even if you’re willing to buy a nice one.

I think they've got the market segmented decently. Ryzen's the consumer chip after all, and it's high end configuration boarders on prosumer for sure.

I feel like if you're requiring 128GB of ram and/or maxing out the PCIE then you're going to have a bigger budget and ThreadRipper makes more sense.

Crucial makes 32GB DIMMs with ECC memory, not sure if non-ECC. Many Ryzen mobos accept ECC memory.

> Full avx2 instead of emulating with two 128-bit units

Just a note: Two units for fused multiply-add, otherwise it's four units with two multipliers and two adders.

> I think $750 is still a ridiculously good price

Threadripper 1950x comes with the same core count, more memory channels, more PCI-E lanes and more memory. You can grab one for $499 from amazon.

But you have to pay around 150$ more for the Mainboard and a threadripper compatible cooler is also quite expensive due to the huge size of the CPU.

So you're not going to save more then a few bucks but get a slower and outdated CPU.

Most high end AM4 Motherboards have sufficient clearance to allow a TR cooler with an adapter plate on the AM4-MB so buying one for a later upgrade might be possible.

Note: I have a TR cooler running on my AM4 board (custom loop though so not completely comparable) and there is more than sufficient space to place it.

You can't use an AM4 motherboard[1] with the 1950X - you have to use an X399-chipset/TR4 motherboard, which cost more than AM4 boards (and likely have adequate room for TR coolers)

This was as a response to the idea of using a ryzen as alternative to a 1950 and solving possible thermal issues if they would occur. I never mentioned using a TR on an AM4.

It appears you may have misunderstood the comment you were replying to upthread - the original debate was if buying a 1950X at $499 would be cheaper/better than a $750 Ryzen. @lhoff pointed out that even when the 1950X is cheaper, you'd still need to buy relatively expensive coolers and mobo (for TR), meaning you won't be saving (much) on older tech. Thermal issues weren't the subject (except as an explanation on why TR4 coolers are expensive).

In turn, I misunderstood your reply to @lhoff, because in that context, I read it as a rebuttal of the idea that TR parts being expensive by suggesting an AM4 mobo + TR4 cooler as substitutes on a 1950X system.

The X570 boards won't be cheap and are probably comparable. Quality requirements for PCIe 4 are pretty significant. Depend on your needs an older ThreadRipper might be a better move. I'm not that convinced and will probably go with a 3950X in September (unless the next generation of TR is significantly compelling to wait longer).

My 4790K feels so outdated now...

Why are you comparing the price of a product that has yet to launch with the price of a product that has received many discounts over the years?

Because it doesn't matter as you'll be able to buy both.

That's the last product they have which contains the original Zen dies. They are probably just liquidating the remaining stock.

I wouldn't make the assumption that AMD could sustainably sell that much silicon at that price point.

And the TR 1950x is also much slower due to lower IPC, lower clock speeds, and NUMA.

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