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> Category theory ... has the potential to be a major cohesive force in the world, building rigorous bridges between disparate worlds, both theoretical and practical.

I got this same impression while delving into type theory [0], but even moreso with category theory. It seems the chaos of the information explosion is being organized and how we presently do software and data may go the way of the dinosaur "overnight".

0: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_theory

Indeed, we (David Spivak et al) are (among other things) trying to apply those seven sketches in applied category theory to business problems and are soliciting proposals for up to $1.5M in venture funding from interested start-ups to do so: https://conexus.ai/ventures. Individuals interested in applying CT are also encouraged to apply to get matched with a venture.

I missed seeing the individual option. Thanks for that. See you around.

My supervisor's opinion on this topic seems to be that we would not end at category theory, but that it is a step into the right direction of where to focus our attention.

EDIT: For example, my MSc was on the topic of a category equipped with a functor into it. This allows one to construct (parts of, e.g. I haven't done subobject classifiers) a self dual set theory.

You can look at the HOTT program to see what a synthesis of (Higher) Category Theory and Type Theory would look like (homotopytypetheory.org).

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