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There's pretty strong selection bias in information about data security standards. The companies that have strong ones will go out of their way to publicize that fact, but companies with weak or nonexistent ones will never admit that fact to the general public or news media, and the only thing you may hear about it is when disenchanted employees make anonymous posts on web forums.

If a company with weak data-protection standards wins out over a company with strong ones, it's never because of their lack of data-protection standards. Rather, it'll be because all the other features, pricing, marketing, etc. they can do that's the opportunity cost of decent security. So as far as the information available to laypeople is concerned, most companies do a decent job with security and it's just a few bad apples that happen to be gigantic like Equifax, Facebook, Target, Yahoo, Anthem, and the U.S. government that are screwing things up.

(FWIW, at Google we took security very seriously and implemented some truly heroic measures to keep your data safe.)

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