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I'm with OP here. You just shouldn't have unencrypted, sensitive data in a database.

I kind of think you've misunderstood something. This person said "You will be hacked". A guaranteed absolute. If that were the case then why bother protecting anything?

His wording was misleading. Not his intentions. Nobody is in disagreement that security is very important.

I disagree, his wording was pretty spot on. Don't collect personal data - it will be hacked. At many of the businesses I've worked at I've made an effort to lower our PII data blob purely to reduce liability for when it was compromised. If you can see some information, a hacker eventually will.

Granted, lowering liability is apparently something I shouldn't worry about since no one is ever held to account for breaches these days.

If that is what he was going for then alright. My bad.

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