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Show HN: Geocoding and Map Tiles SaaS
6 points by NetToolKit on June 10, 2019 | hide | past | favorite
Hi everyone,

We at NetToolKit are launching a new geocoding and map tile service and we would love your help. You can compare the accuracy of our geocoders against several others at https://www.nettoolkit.com/geo/demo and you can find out more about the service at https://www.nettoolkit.com/geo/landing.

We’re looking for help primarily in two areas: assessing the accuracy of our geocoder and figuring out what it would take to sign up customers. For the first area, anyone who is familiar with US addresses can help by visiting https://www.nettoolkit.com/geo/demo, geocoding an address, and then confirming a result or adding a new set of coordinates. The user-submitted information gets recorded, which helps us figure out where any gaps might be. (Outside of the US, we simply return OpenStreetMap results; inside the US, however, we have done a lot of custom work, including integrating OpenAddresses.io data and the National Address Database.)

For the second area, if you are in our target market (need geocoding services and/or map tiles and are cost-sensitive) or if you know someone who is, I’d really appreciate the opportunity to talk with you to understand what it would take for your team to seriously try out our services.

If you have any feedback on the website or the comparison tool or if you have advice on how to sell the service, we’d appreciate it (email in profile).

Thank you!

The NetToolKit team

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