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The difference is Apple has been the same from the beginning. There was no bait and switch. People who bought Apple products knew what Apple was and will be and what the terms were.

With Google there is a bait and switch (and it doesn't really just apply to this particular story). They came to market defining themselves as the open alternative to Apple to get market share and developer interest (and evangelism), and now that they've achieved dominance the terms are changing.

There's no surprise that there's going to be massive pushback (and probably antitrust implications).

Exactly. We see the same pattern with Chrome and the new course it's taking.

The reverse is also true: whatever sufficiently good product that doesn't generate money is basically doomed by them no matter how many users depend on it. (Reader, Inbox, Talk, ...)

Apple has the majority market share in the US. I think they need to be forced to open up for alternative app stores.

Who exactly is buying Android phones based on the premise of openness vs "they're cheaper", "it was a subsidized new phone from my carrier"?

Personally I've always bought Android (and while it lasted Firefox OS) phones because of the option to easily tinker with the phones. If/When pure linux phones make a come back I'll be moving on to them. Of course nerds being nerds is an outlier.

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