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A blog typically comes with a comment function. That's something dynamic which requires lookup in some sort of database. Your page is purely static and does not even have pagination between posts. Hosting that is trivial and nothing to boast about. Your comparison is really unfair and needlessly nasty.

If you're doing a database lookup for every page load for comments, you're doing something wrong. Also, you'll be moderating comments, unless you want your blog to become a cesspool of hatred or spam, so the page becomes even less dynamic. Myself, I'd put the comments on a separate resource so that the static page would never be affected by that load, whether POSTing or GETing, and load async. (so your static site is always up, even if your comment system falls over)

You are not doing something wrong, you are simply not designing for high-load. Loading things dynamically on every request is perfectly fine for almost any blog.

Moderation is offtopic. Putting comments on a different system seems like overzealous, premature optimisation...

A comment function doesn't necessarily require a database lookup for every request, you can cache the blog page for a second or two so that it doesn't collapse when getting a hundred requests per second.

Yes and that makes things magnitudes more complex than just serving a static HTML page.

Not really, it's just basic configuration of nginx or something like that. Putting up nginx with microcaching in front of your webserver is literally a five minute task. If you have no idea on how to do it, then it's going to take half an hour with some tutorials, so even in that case it's not that much more work than serving a static HTML page.

Oh how cool is that, I never even heard that term before. Thanks! It does look quite complex though, I have to learn about proxying and nginx.

Displaying comments doesn't have to be dynamic. Most need reviewing anyway. https://github.com/eduardoboucas/staticman

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