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Galaxy S4 Black Edition (with leather back), previously Galaxy J7 16, Nextbit Robin, Galaxy S3 LTE and S3. I downgraded as I find notification LED priceless and 5' screen perfect. I'm mostly sitting on HN and Reddit, so it's okay performance-wise (though your Nexus is faster), though I keep my eyes open on new devices.

There are still new S4 batteries manufactured by Samsung for Korean market, got mine in Poland for $25. I'm getting 5h+ SOT.

I'm not a performance-demanding smartphone user, but if I were, I would consider jailbreaking an iPhone. Android & Linux (Purism, Pinephone) keep disappointing me.

EDIT: maybe "disappointing" is not the right word. It's just that for good step, a step backwards seems to be taken somewhere else. Choosing a phone is all about trade-offs now, which is kinda sad. I'm using phone manufactured 6 years ago. Why can't I find any device that is a clearly improved version of it?

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