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To be fair, lots of things on the internet don’t work in the most populous country in the world.

> the most populous country in the world

The United Nations estimates the current population of China around 50,000 more than the population of India. Given the uncertainty of these numbers, I can't exclude that India already has the most numerous population.

Could be, I don't know. 50,000 is a village in these contexts! I'd really like to explore India, it is, also, vast.

You're correct, quite a lot of things are not accessible in the most populous country in the world.

However, federated things are accessible. The big names Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Google are blocked, and the services below them. However it is a blacklist of blocked not a whitelist of accessible. Putting google analytics traction in a header of a federated blog, meaning it's actually not federated, is indeed a stupid pain. China internet is restricted, but it is only restricted 'enough' for the current power.

Edit: And that seems good enough for now. Wechat 'moments' and use of Tiktok, from my observation of friends or even taking the train, are on a steep decline. Wechat's future seems mainly as a commercial P2Passist or very simple blog platform. Both dropped the ball and mobile payments will not disappear but the tide has turned (NFC, anyone? this was an already solved problem. The only real challenger bank China has is China Merchants Bank but they're after merchants, the clue in the name. For customer service and being one to perhaps pull a rabbit out of the hat, China Construction Bank. I have no idea how BEA didn't grab mobile payments.

Could it have something to do with the most populous country in the world blocking the rest of the world? For fear someone might massacre square...

Hmmm.. ok.. I could and should write something on this a lot longer.

The government facilitate corruption. The government is a hegemony.

Aside from that broad shot, 10 years ago you enter the aforementioned square freely, not only after going through a 'police' security check, bags x-rayed, IDs checked.

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