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I would expect open connections to be the bottleneck (not CPU or mem). Do you just have very low latency and thus relatively few concurrent open connections (yes, I saw the graphs in your link, but it's hard to figure out how many concurrent connections are open at a time)?

EDIT: Downvoters, would really like to know why you're downvoting? Am I being naive in thinking a blog would be bottlenecked on connections?

My site has been on the front page a few times.

Concurrent requests were usually in the 400-800 range depending on where it ranked and what it was about. That's going by Google Analytics too which means it's likely higher since devs tend to disable as much tracking as possible.

nginx won't even break a sweat if you're on a low end VPS and are serving static content. You'll have pretty much the same latency as serving 1 concurrent request (single digit milliseconds + whatever network latency there is between your server and the visitor).

I have once handled a website being HNed and /.ed a few years ago. The issue turned out to be the default Apache config from distro, which was very ill-suited for such traffic, generating tons of processes which struggled to run on a small VPS. Switching to nginx fixed it; I suppose switching Apache to mpm_event model (or even just tuning the threading configuration) would be enough too.

Or low total bandwidth. A personal blog not expecting a lot of traffic may only have puddle of transfer bandwidth per month. Depending on the content of the post, that can max out a cap rather quickly.

I don’t understand the downvotes here.

A small blog can randomly get a 100,000 view spike. If the blog contains images and maybe even a gif it’s easy to blow through bandwidth caps for most free tiers.

I use netlify’s free tier but actually host my videos on BunnyCDN. I also make sure to optimize my pngs and jpgs. This isn't precautionary. It's actually necessary.

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