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I don't log in to Google Captcha sites anymore, unless I absolutely have to.

Their discrimination against FF users has been fairly evident over the past year or so.

It's amazing how my identification abilities improve exponentially by using Chrome instead of Firefox.

Reading these types of comments on HN, you'd think HN doesn't use Recaptcha for login/register. ;)

Easy to hate on Recaptcha while reaping the rewards of participating in a community that deals with less automated spam because of it. :)

> HN doesn't use Recaptcha for login/register

I just created a new account to check; not even so much as a Recaptcha url in the page source.

Hi there!

Really? I use a VPN most of the time and have not once had a captcha for logging into Hacker News.

I signed up years ago, and never have to login really, and have never see a captcha on HN. Not saying it doesn't exist, but I've had myriad captcha issues on other sites, but never once here.

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