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I was confused for a moment because I thought the Firebase SDK was open source.

Interestingly, though, the Android version appears to be only partly open source. I did not find an explanation as to why some of the source is not available, it is mentioned on the Github repository but not explained. In any case, I don’t see the code for Cloud Messaging in there.

It may not be that it is done out of secrecy, though. A cursory glance of the iOS SDK shows what seems to be the full iOS portion of Firebase Cloud Messaging:


Though that also raises its own question: doesn’t iOS effectively enforce APNS, and all third party providers actually must go through that? I imagine going through a single provider really can improve battery life. Each push provider needs to background fetch.

FWIW, as far as I know, FCM and APNS are both free to use indefinitely. I’ve always found this a bit perplexing since I can’t even really fathom how many messages an app like Facebook or Twitter would push per month. I wonder what the odds are of this ever changing. The cynical viewpoint could go either way.

At face value, this really does seem problematic for open source projects. Can a GPL app link to (the non-open parts of) the Firebase SDK? My guess would be no.

Hope this can be resolved :( There’s some really great stuff on F-Droid, like Amaze file manager.

(Disclosure: I work for Google, but not on Android. I don’t even use Android phones anymore.)

[Firebase team member here] Our goal is to open source all of our SDKs, and we have steadily open-sourced more of them over time. The SDKs you see on GitHub right now are all standalone, they don't require communicating with Google Play services running on the device.

Our bar for moving an SDK to GitHub is that it has to be more than a source dump, it must be the source of truth for that team's development. Right now that's not possible for FCM because of the dependency it has on Google Play services.

Is there a plan to a) Support use of FCM without play services (i.e., in AOSP)? b) If not, is there any legit path forward for cases like these short of them forking AOSP ?

Even if the SDK's are open source, a lot of the problems we experience with FCM at Signal seem to be more of an issue with devices trying to optimize battery. Do you have any advice on how to avoid the system heavily delaying notifications? We've seen instances of high-priority notifications being delayed and batched together, even for users who have disabled battery optimizations.

Thanks for the clarification, seems pretty straightforward to me.

>At face value, this really does seem problematic for open source projects. Can a GPL app link to (the non-open parts of) the Firebase SDK? My guess would be no.

This is only partly a licensing issue. The larger problem is that the f-droid crowd has little to no desire to rely on FCM/GCM or other network services offered by google. At the very least, use of FCM would have to a part of AOSP or other (official) free software for it to even gain some legitimacy. At the moment, it is behind the play services ToS. And this still doesn't answer the question, "what if I don't want to use FCM?" If google's answer is, "Well, fork AOSP if you don't like it", we know that is a non-answer due to google's other tactics.

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