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Hi. Nobody said they are the friends here.

Just that Google is not.

On HN, the overwhelmingly common paradigm is that conflict in the tech industry is to be understood as part of a existential conflict between Apple and Google. A comment that starts "Google is evil" is all but guaranteed to come from someone with a iOS device in her pocket.

And in this case I think the point is valid: this policy is bad, both because battery management and notification policy really needs to be part of the core OS in AOSP and not a proprietary add-on and because of the licensing glitch reported here where the client library isn't GPL-compatible.

But that's just one policy. Across the fence of the war mentioned above, it's a GPL-incompatible wasteland where absolutely nothing is possible at all. If you care about free software in the abstract and want to view your war along those lines: Google is behaving badly and needs to be admonished. Apple is clearly The Enemy.

In this case I guess there are no friends, only enemies?

Rank the enemies since op avoided that.

Since things are not black and white, it should be reasonable to differentiate between Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

The corporation will put its best interests before anyone else's. Doing something like this where 99% of the world won't know or even care is likely in their best interests no matter how unethical its actions are. There tend to be very few true 'friends' because of it. People are normalized to this corporate dance and keep expecting less and less for more.

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