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It’s a very good data exploration tool. Likely the best out there. But don’t sleep on aws QuickSight

I was going through a QuickSight presentation and looks like it's up to 90% cheaper than Tableau!

It's also a piece of crap tbh.

I'm curious to learn about your experience with it. What wre your thoughts?

I'm not the OP but having dealt with QuickSight it really feels super flaky and difficult to create graphs with. I can't remember the exact problems my co-worker had problems with it, but if I recall correctly one of the problems was that QuickSight expected all JSON data keys in S3 to be in the exact same order in every file thus making changing the schema a very huge pain in the butt. Also the UI itself is not good and creating eg running monthly average was very non-intuitive. A lot of small stuff that makes you not wanting to deal with it if possible. But it's cheap and has good AWS integration so I guess it has its purposes.

I’ll answer because parent is overly harsh. QS is a nice tool, but missing some pretty basic features. The most annoying being:

No copy-paste visuals

No styling multiple visuals

No auto generation of reports

No option to add comments / more text around graphs (this one is ridiculous)

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