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Show HN: Read all Medium stories for free
11 points by swapagarwal on June 10, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments
If someone here reads on Medium a lot, this might be useful for you: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/mediumship

This is my second browser extension and it's open-source. It lets you read all Medium stories for free.

Hugs and / or bugs welcome!

Medium business model is terrible and that's pretty much why I stopped publishing on this platform.

Also, some people are going with "quantity over quality" on Medium just to make money.

Once, someoene asked me for feedback on their article, I was happy to provide it, but when I saw I had to pay for this, there was no way I would do it.

I don't understand the requirement to have either a link or text. Surely it would make more sense to allow someone to explain WHY they're posting something and still have the link be clickable.

AFAIK so people don't get to post a link and have their take on it stand above all other discussion.

I never really dived into it but this seems plausible. :)

Is this actually a common problem? Back when I started paying for a membership, I only really ran into 1 or 2 premium stories a month (out of the hundreds I read)...

I wonder how long it'll take for Medium to block this? :)

We've emailed to Medium's security department about this issue, and the reply says that the method is intended.


Why is this in Ask HN, instead of Show ?

My bad! Fixing...

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