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They also don't make it clear what the difference between iPro and Pro is (desktop vs workstation). When you know this, the prices can be seen with different eyes (except for the stand maybe).

For example the top range workstations from HP are over $10,000.

And you can buy a Sony reference monitor for $20,000.

But I still don't know what market Apple is targeting. Most of Hollywood is using Windows and Linux. So it will be hard to get them back.

Maybe they target audio shops who are still mostly on MacOS.

Or they have a surprise for us all. For example: Apple is working hard with OTOY to make real-time rendering very fast with Metal. If this boost is so great maybe they can get back marketshare in Hollywood.

But until then I think only the real fans will buy a Pro.

Video, CAD/CAM, research will be using Windows and Linux for now I guess.

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