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Wouldn't someone like you be better served on a 32 or 64 core Threadripper workstation then?

I assume there's I/O bottlenecking in there somewhere, but for the rest, surely you're not 100% pegging all 16 cores all the time, but more parallelism would still benefit you to a certain extent... While not costing $6k+ for a base 8 core machine.

Or even have a dedicated build server/farm with object caching. At some point building on your own machine is not a great solution.

If you're building Apple projects, it might be hard or impossible to offload that to other operating system.

GP said they were using a Xeon workstation, so I assumed it's not an Apple offering already.

iMac Pro has a 18-core Xeon W option.

I guess I meant, usually people with Mac systems call them a Mac of some sort, not just a generic "Workstation".

If you're targeting Apple platforms with your builds, just how does a Threadripper workstation address the problem? (And don't say Hackintosh...)


It may not be a viable solution for every project, but it does work for many.

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