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I didn’t find the REPL that great, because it takes forever to jit anything. My laptop is not that old and creating an array with 5 elements takes over a second. If I type a syntax error, it takes tens of seconds to produce an error. This yields a very frustrating experience and doesn’t lend itself to an effective prototyping environment. For now at least I’ll be sticking with matlab.

There are indeed frustrating lags due to JIT, but they have got better lately & are being worked on -- if I understand right this is now one of the priorities, after focusing on getting the breaking changes done before 1.0.

Here's how long a vector of 5 random numbers takes, after a cold start, on 1.1:

    $ julia -e '@time rand(5)'
    0.054343 seconds (121.03 k allocations: 6.219 MiB)

Yeah, this has been my experience as well. I really _want_ to like Julia. But so far the JIT experience has been exceptionally miserable--and unfortunately for me, my typical approach to development is quite interactive. I'm on 1.1.1.

That sounds really bizarre. What version of which OS are you using? I've heard that older versions of Windows (I think 7) have problems with the REPL that cause extreme latency.

I don't think the latency you're experiencing is normal.

I was running Debian 9, with Julia from julialang.org (not the Debian repo). This was six months ago so maybe things have improved since then.

Hm, if you do git it another try and experience that again, please open an issue on Github so it can be fixed:


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