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Google has open sourced: Jaiku, Etherpad, Wave among other things, before closing them down.

Open sourcing it wouldn't solve the discovery/hosting part, but I still think they should do it.

I'm sure it wouldn't be "easy," but it wouldn't be unprecedented.

Yahoo! folks also should take a look at dataliberation.org, for best practices on getting on data out (also a Google joint).

(Nope, I don't work for Google :D, just think they've done some good things in this space. )

Data liberation is different from open-sourcing. Delicious allows you to dump every bit of metadata about your bookmarks either through their Data Export menu or via their API. Yahoo! did fine with Delicious in terms of data liberation. I imported all my bookmarks into pinboard.in without any trouble at all.

Definitely agree that data liberation is different that open source, I meant to express them as two separate ideas. Maybe that didn't come across.

A bit of data I'd like to get out of delicious that i can't right now, is social stuff/ relationship stuff. It really helped w/discovery.

Though you're totally right: link stuff is thorough.


Sadly corporate responsibility is not the norm, though it should be.

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