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I never really cared about the social features. For me Delicious (and now Pinboard) is like a personal knowledge base, supporting my unreliable memory. For example when I want to check my favourite Vim plugins I search for tags vim+plugins+favs.

I have more than 2k entries there collected over the course of the last five years. I only bookmark sites that are for some reason important to me, and have some lasting value (eg. I don't bookmark most HN submissions). I tag everything I save and some of my tags have special semantics that is probably only useful to me.

Ditto for me but not just over my own links. I don't bookmark everything (though I have 6000 bookmarks there) but if I read an interesting article about, say, bioinformatics and it was something to do with Japan, I could hit up Delicious for articles+bioinformatics+japan and 9 times out of 10, be reconnected to content that Google would struggle to find given the same terms.

Updated the question. Thanks.

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