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> door is open, come on in. Door is closed, don't come in

Same protocol at Cambridge (UK), at least in the rooms with two doors (outer door open: come in, outer door closed: do not disturb/I'm out). Lock picking wasn't really a thing, but one of the tutors did point out to us that the locks in a specific corridor could be opened by sliding a knife down the edge of the mechanism (it was "fixed" by screwing a steel plate to the _outside_ of the door, which felt like missing the point somewhat).

I'm possibly missing something obvious, but could you explain why you'd need to pick a quadrant? I'm not seeing why that is necessary.

The purpose was to temporarily, while you were in the bathroom, say what kind of bathroom it was.

If you don't care who else uses it while you're in there, dial "don't care". If a man dialed "women" and went in, he'd likely face some angry students. To my knowledge that never happened.

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