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They aren’t using your social graph, they are using location proximity and transmitting the data inside existing packets sent to cell towers for connectivity purposes. There’s already a ton of information passing to cell towers to identify and negotiate connections with phones that could be used to infer your social graph. You’d have to correlate that with a geo location database that knows about what type of locations you visit as there would be tremendous amounts of false signals at public places like restaurants and malls.

Long story short, Apple, cell tower operators, and mobile providers already have all the data they’d need to make these graphs. If this functions as designed, it will contain much less information and wouldn’t be useful for this purpose (I.e. encrypt requests and don’t pass IP info with them to any systems that have the ability to decrypt them. If you make a few hops to the systems which have the ability to decrypt them and don’t share correlation IDs or the origin IP, there’s no way to correlate these requests back to which device sent them or what IP or cell tower it had).

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