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Just looking at the quote of "$58/mo for a vCPU", they're clearly taking the median cost of a vCPU across all instance types, which includes hyper-expensive instances with value-adds like GPUs or tons of memory.

The real, distinct cost of a vCPU is probably closer to $25/mo. You can look at a m5.large instance, their "general purpose" instance, 2vCPU+8gb @ $70/mo, which would put 1vCPU+4gb at $35/mo. Google Cloud specifically lists the distinct price of a vCPU in custom instances as $24/mo, and AWS feels close to that when you consider the cost of memory in that $35/mo.

The lack of networking cost also seems like a big oversight; if I could force every engineer to know a single "AWS Cost" that affects every vertical of development, from frontend to backend, I want them to know how crazy expensive DC egress is.

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