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Every programmer?

In our team, only like two, maybe three programmers are concerned about our AWS architecture at all. I don't really know why everyone in the team should know how much the individual components of AWS cost. They should just know how to not write performance-destroying code that mandates scaling instances up.

Eagerly await the follow up: Falsehoods programmers believe about AWS costs

And then:

- 10 reasons why AWS costs so much. #7 is mind-boggling.

- AWS costs considered harmful

Don't forget:

- "Developer uses one weird trick to reduce cloud bills by 97%. AWS hates him!"

10 Falsehoods Every Programmer Should Know (Number 3 will SHOCK you!)

It's not just code, and it's not always obvious. AWS' tools (as robust as they seem at first) may not give you the low-level insight that you need to understand where you can really cut down on expenses. I just reduced my AWS bill from about $5.5k/mo to $3k/mo. The rise in price was only slightly outpacing the app growth for a while, and it was very gradual. When the forecasted bill was $6k it became a major priority.

The title is a mock of “Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know”[0], although these are (a) limited to a popular, yet not exclusive platform, (b) subjective to change at any moment.

[0]: https://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/~rcs/research/interactive_l...

It's a pattern title. It's not meant to be taken literally and most reasonable people wouldn't read it that way.

I don't think that every programmer should know it off by heart.

I do think it should be a reasonably common skill to make common tradeoffs without too much investigation.

Besides, the title is an homage to the Latency Numbers article which follows a similar concept. You don't need to memorise numbers, but you probably should be able to reason about them in very vague terms.

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