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Jesus H. Christ. This is flat out jingoism, racism, xenophobia.

> any Chinese company

What?! Any and every? Are you crazy?

> Huawei needs to be criticized, banned, ostracized and condemned in the strongest way possible.

So basically the Salem Witch trials are alive and well again. Glad to know that's where we're at culturally.

On what grounds? I have yet to be shown any tangible proof of their nefarious ways. When I Google proof evidence huawei industrial espionage all I get are articles asking where the proof is at. I'm sure there's a low-level of industrial espionage going on all over the place all the time. What I want is proof that this company is a particularly egregious offender. Basically, all I'm asking for is evidence to support the hysteria.

I have audited over 200 Chinese companies in the semiconductor industry. Our entire process is different for China than for say a German or Japanese firms.

IP theft is rampant in China, especially in semiconductor sector.

Apple follows similar stringent selection process for their Chinese suppliers.

This isn’t racism, please don’t accuse my intent and motive. Let’s talk about Chinese practices, their laws (or how they bend them) and how these companies have a tremendous involvement with the Chinese government.

I have many Chinese friends, some amazing stories of people in China and have immersed myself in the Chinese culture for over 5 years and spending 400 nights in Chinese cities. Your accusation is uncalled for. Criticizing a country isn’t racism.


Three times you could have moderated or qualified your statements, three times you failed to do so and made blanket statements.

> China is lost its credibility a long time ago

The entire country?

> cannot blindly trust any Chinese company

Really? Any and every?

> The Chinese has mismanaged their “brand”

Again, all Chinese?

To my ears, that smacks of racism.

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