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There were some stories where Huawei's source code included the Nortel copyright at the top. Just 100% blatant.

Not doubting you but it would be great to link to one/several of those stories.

A quick google search turns up a CBC article from 2012 where a former Nortel exec alleges Huawei hacking, and also, amusingly, this HN story.

It's fair to say that, in 2019, Huawei scale money can buy you online reputation...including removal of any documented instances that might hurt its image. After all, Google was their partner for a good amount of time.

MSFT was a giant but was not able to hide the Halloween documents, I don't see why Huawei would succeed in that.

You're talking about a company whose majority ownership is some sort of murky "employee coop without voting rights."

The modern Chinese legal system isn't nearly as predicable as other jurisdictions.

well, but the chinese legal system is not the issue here, we're talking about silencing media reporting on a scandal of sorts, outside of china.

All external reporting begins with a seed, and that seed plays very different in a closed society without free speech protection.

can i see the code?

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